Reflections From Our Clients

My wife and I reached out for Guerilla Healer CBD oil after our 9 month old son Chris had stopped growing, and developed digestion and absorption issues. We had spent over 6 months in doctor visits through tests, blood draws, pokes, prods and synthetic drugs before being told they weren’t sure what the issue was. There was no concern to the heavy doses of antibiotics he had been given weeks prior for an infection, but they seemed to just say let’s wait and see, a non-answer for a parent. Like many others I too began to research the stories about CBD, and after having a long, informative, and customized conversation with Guerilla Healer we started our son on a daily dose. I find it easy to fill an oral syringe from the capsules after holding in the palm of my hand, and he eats it with a smile! Just last week we had his check up. Chris has gained an entire pound and a whole inch in just the last month!! I’m now considering it as a daily supplement for the entire family.

- Chris, 1, and Tarik Ocon, Colorado

My daughter Rozella had a very painful rash. I bought and tried every cream I could think of to help relieve her discomfort, yet nothing worked! After two days of her complaining, I chose to rub some of my own Guerilla Healer CBD oill under her lip, and within five minutes she said “Mommy it’s not hurting anymore, THANK YOU!!” I also received some awesome kisses for the save! The next day when she awoke it was no longer red, and she said it was not bothering her at all. Now, Guerilla Healer CBD is my go to for any skin irritation! Thank you!

- Rozella, 8, and Anita Van Tubergen, Vermont

I suffer from general inflammation of my GI tract, sinus, and muscles in various places on my body. After a handful visits to my general practitioner and what felt like an endless cavalcade of tests to seeking diagnosis, I was left without any definitive answers, and then I found Guerilla Healer. I’ve been interested in CBD healing properties for some time. My mother had been administering CBD to herself as a general pain reliever & sleep aid. She still does, and urged me to try the same. Purchasing CBD products from dispensaries in Colorado proved more expensive than I could afford, so when I discovered Guerilla Healer CBD —affordable and highly recommended by a close friend—I jumped at the chance to give it a shot. I could not be happier with the results so far!
I’ve been ingesting 60mg of Guerilla Healer CBD per day for just under two months now. Since the 1st week, the changes have been apparent and overwhelmingly positive. The inflammation that plagued me for months has receded and I no longer deal with the soreness or dietetic problems. I sleep better at night, have more energy throughout the day, plus I have a brighter, more positive mental disposition as a result. It’s led me to make other changes in my life, more recently, that I probably would not have initiated if I was still mired in pain and discomfort. I believe I have Guerilla Healer CBD capsules to thank. The positive changes to my body have been quantifiable and beyond anything I expected. Thank you Guerilla Healer!

- Ryan Gharagee, 28, Colorado

I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with the bulk of the damage in my bones. Migraine headaches were another unpleasant and debilitating side effect of some of the treatments. At 52 years old I am still running my own business, so I needed some help to manage the bone pain which was exacerbated by sitting at my desk for long hours. Opiates which are so freely dispensed by doctors nowadays were not a palatable solution for me because I need to think clearly. Guerilla Healer and the very compassionate Brent Kaufman provided me with high quality CBD for the past 8 months at a reasonable price but also offered a specific formulation for my type of cancer. It is difficult to property thank someone for bringing back a quality of life where I can remain active and do the things I love like biking and kayaking and then to sleep peacefully without migraines for the most part. My oncologist was so impressed by how I am managing my pain using Guerilla Healer’s CBD that she has been asking me about it..and may become a convert. In fact, my recent Pet scan shows no evidence of disease..Doesn’t get any better than that in this struggle! Brent is always available to answer questions and I really feel his genuine caring spirit.

- Dorothy M. Finklestein, 52, Florida

I am 85 yr old woman using a wheelchair, and have difficulty breathing due to COPD and congestive heart failure, also painful digestive problems because of diverticulitis. My first capsule of your product gave me immediate relief from these symptoms, with the added benefit of being relaxing and helpful for sleep. My overall breathing has very much improved and continues to improve! Plus, I am getting my appetite back and am able to eat without pain. Thank you so much for offering a truly high quality product, and at a compassionate price! My family thanks you!

- Lee Farley, 85, Maryland